About us

OPM- Company Port Operations Madeira, Lda is a limited company to private capital exclusively licensed to the business of handling cargo at the Ports of RAM and as such essential to the economy of Madeira and Porto Santo.

Being the main area of activity the movement of goods, its mission is to ensure the movement thereof, adequate conditions of safety, quality, regularity and efficiency, thereby contributing to sustainable development of RAM.

The OPM was founded in March 1988 and commenced its operational activity in 1991, following the licensing process conducted by the Port Authority of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

Heavy investments in new and better equipment at the port, the introduction of more technologically evolved means to rationalize the use of manpower and increased productivity has allowed important and continuing tariff reductions over the past 12 years.

The OPM is committed to enhancing human capital and material available to it, and considers the improvement of competitiveness and increased efficiency of services as a challenge that intends to win.

The OPM is growing in volume and quality of services provided, with the aim of consolidating its users a range of services integrated into the development of maritime transport and their intermodal connections.